Bringing disruptive technologies to the GCC that align with the strategic and sustainable goals of the region. Themes we are exploring include sustainable production of animal feed locally, transition to a low-carbon economy through hydrogen production, carbon capture technologies, upcycling food wastes, technology solutions for indoor vertical farming and alternative proteins, etc.

Helping drive industrial growth, transformation, and efficiencies while facilitating market access for international firms looking to enter the GCC. Our work involves restructuring and adapting to market changes, expansion support, efficiency maximization, transaction support, and access to strategic capital.

Supporting financial services firms to adapt their business models while also introducing new FinTech and InsurTech firms to the region. We have worked with banks, insurance companies, consumer finance businesses, and online aggregators assisting them with strategic roadmaps, growth plans, transaction support, and access to strategic capital.

  • We combine the disciplines of strategy consulting and corporate finance execution services under one roof, and have the capability to transact on UK capital markets. We also leverage our network of investor groups to assist our clients with access to strategic capital. We channel our efforts towards three functional pillars that support the regional strategic and sustainable development goals in the GCC, including sustainability, industrialization, and financial services. We like to remain deliberately below radar. These are key differentiating features that set us apart from the competition. 

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