We do not divulge the names of our clients; they know who they are. We work with diverse industries, corporates and private groups across various stages of their development. Following are some examples of types of projects we typically get called upon to deliver.

We help our clients plan for growth and expansion. This involves a range of activities including historical diagnostic analysis, restructuring and feasibility and market entry studies. Examples include: developing expansion plans for regional and multinational financial services groups into Middle East and North Africa; financial restructuring for regional manufacturers (textiles, food and other light industries) and engineering services companies.

We connect with and harness our clients’ resources to drive and implement change required to capture full growth potential. This involves astute business planning and development of robust management tools to monitor growth, budgets and key performance indicators. Examples include: strategy development and profit optimization for regional industrial manufacturer; business planning and market expansion for regional insurance company.

We assist our clients to extract ultimate efficiencies beyond low hanging gains and place them firmly on a path towards monetization and/or acquisition. This involves buy/sell-side transaction support including valuation, documentation, pre-acquisition due diligence, sale/IPO preparation and securing capital. Examples include: private investments in public equities; transaction support for private equity (technology, energy, utilities, renewables); and private placements (telecoms, healthcare, retail, real estate).